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Dan Fogel
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Jacob Zeh
Second Row
David Zeh
Avi Learner
Elena Learner
Phyllis (Learner) Farrell
Dennis Learner
Jacqueline (Learner) Fogel
Third Row
Laura Fogel
Menasheh Fogel
Elizabeth (Learner) Zeh
Rose McKay
Erin Learner
Jeffery Fogel
Marsha Fogel
Alan Fogel
Ruth Robinson
David McKay
Brian Benak
Noah Learner
Joshua Learner
Betsy Learner
Jules Fogel
Adam Learner
Michael Robinson

Here is who goes with whom. Dan Fogel in the front row is Jacqueline Fogel's oldest son.  Jacob Zeh is Avi Learner's grandson, David and Elizabeth Zeh's two-year-old.  In the second row starting from the left is David Zeh with Elizabeth  (Avi's daughter) in yellow shirt - standing behind him. The fat fellow in the white shirt is me - Avi  Sitting next to me in the multi-colored pinkish dress is Elena - Dennis' wife - Phyllis (Learner) Farrell - Dennis Learner and Jacqueline (Learner) Fogel.. 

In the thrid row Laura and Menasheh Fogel (Jacqueline Fogel's younger son and daughter-in-law), Dave and Rose McKay are standing behind me.  Rose has her arm around Erin Learner - Avi's youngest daughter.   Her boyfriend is Brian Benak standing behind her.  Rose is Avi's ex-wife - we are still very good friends.  Noah learner actually took this picture, so that is a "pasted" picture of him sort of behind Erin.  Noah is Dennis middle son..  Jeffery is Jules Fogel's son and Lauren is Marsha Fogel's daughter but I can't remember her last name.  Marsha (in black) is Jules' wife.  Jules is Alan Fogel's brither.  Alan is wearing a flowered shirt - is Jacqueline's husband.  Ruth Robinson is Phyllis' sister - her husband Michael is standing behind her. Way in the back Joshua Learner is Dennis' youngest son and Betsy Learner is Adam's wife.  Adam is next to Mike Robinson.  Adam is Dennis oldest boy.