Sep 13 2013

.. Just One More Thing… (they ain’t)

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And Calling Sprint…

…using “awesome”, “incredible” or “phenomenal” – blah, blab – No wonder the stock price has tanked!

I just called Sprint and I was told they do not HAVE A PRICE FOR THE IPHONE 5S YET!?!?!?
Don’t the sales reps even look at their own website? And that ZERO price for the 5C (with a two year contract) is not a mistake, under the drop down, there is a 32gig model for $99. WIth the 32g 5S at $199.99. $100 less than Apple said it would cost, three days ago. ANd why would anyone sign up for a two year contract and take an 8G iPhone 4 or 4S for $0.00 when the new phones are the same deal? Whacko!! Put. Barnum said, “…there is another sucker born every minute!”


They said the 5c could be preordered today.
Sprint AD For New iPhones

My experience has been, ever since standing in line overnight like a Lemming, for the first iPhone AND the iPHONE 3G a year later, that within a day or two, you can walk into an Apple store and buy the latest release, and wait about 3 mins to have one of the happy Apple sales people retrieve one from the back. You might have to hang around a while while they fumble through the activation process, however.

It has also been my experience with new product releases that if they offer a pre-order, you wind up getting the product on the day of the release. Some folks have even reported getting them a day ahead of release.

No wonder the stock price has taken a hit!

I am a penny pincher these days. So I wait until the original hype wears off, usually not much longer than 3 months. Then the NEW releases start appearing in the REFURBISHED section of the Apple Store, with at least a 10% price reduction sometimes a lot more.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Apple isn’t already considering a price cut to the 5C (like when Jobs gave back $100 on the original iPhone after they cut the price three weeks after release), in light of all the negative bad press. Add the stock price drop, and the lack luster presentation by Tim Cook and Phil Schiller on Sept. 10th.


It was a truly appalling presentation and judging by the look on Steve Wozniak’s face the couple of times they flashed on him in the audience, I bet poor Steve Jobs was not only rolling over in his grave, but trying to claw his way out of his tomb and back into life to kick those guys in the butt!

As nervous a public speaker as I am. I think I could have made the case and sold the audience better without using the words “awesome”, “incredible” or “phenomenal” once.

Don’t the specs, polish and the quality of the products just say that all by themselves?

Sheesh!!! pitiful – I probably would be buying Apple stock right now though, after this latest drop if i had the money. I’m sure they have more new stuff up their sleeves to release, soon. And it would not surprise me either if it leaks out that Time Cook, Phil Schiller, Jonny Ive and the rest of that bunch aren’t given elocution lessons by their advertising agency. Not one of them is even 2% the presenter that Steve Jobs was, and he used “incredible” but only a few times during his presentation. Never like 50 times in one presentation though.

…And really! Doesn’t Jonny Ive just drone on sounding like that terribly boring actor Rupert Everett??

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